Image İYankee Carpetbaggers, Highland Park, Illinois, 2001

Detail of Abraham Lincoln salt print.





















Image shown is
for illustrative
purposes only,
Detail does not show entire photograph.





Print size is 11" x 14."

The original negative was made by Alexander Gardner
Nov. 8, 1863, 11 days before
Lincoln's Gettysburg address.

The interpositive and new 11" x14" negative
were made by Mark Osterman
using the collodion process.

This procedure is rarely done today
requiring a master collodion photographer
to achieve these amazing results.


Shaylyn Olzak hangs salted paper.

The salt prints are made by France Scully Osterman, assisted by intern Shaylyn Olzak.

Each print is made on Strathmore 500 series plate finish paper. the print is coated first with salt solution and hung to dry. Once dry, it is coated with silver solution and dried again.

The coated paper is placed with the negative in a printing frame and exposed to light.
The print is washed and fixed, washed again, and heat-toned.

Each print is then retouched, and hand-waxed
with bees wax and oil of lavender.

This process takes five days to complete.




Edition is limited to 375 prints, $3750 each.

Presentation: Each print is individually numbered on a 16" x 20" archival mount, presented in a protective 3/4 leather and linen portfolio, with overlaid gold-stamped leather panels. The portfolio
is lined with acid-free paper. Provenance of the negative is included. Satisfaction guaranteed.

~ Framing is available for an additional charge.~




For more information - or to order a print,
contact Scully & Osterman Studio.