Take your skills to the next level in a Private Class with France Scully Osterman

at Scully & Osterman Studio in Rochester, New York (or at your location)

Negative by Angel Franco

Ambrotype by Brittany Bradley

Ambrotype by Claudia Zalaf

Scheduling for Spring - Summer 2016

ambrotype made in tutorial by Adam Ottavi Schiesl

Historic and Alternative Photographic Process Private Tutorials

Scully & Osterman offer private tutorials, workshops and advanced classes year-round in their skylight studio in Rochester, New York in Wet-Plate and Dry-Plate Collodion, Albumen Printing & Other Early Photographic Processes. They have taught hundreds of artists, photographers, living history reenactors and museum conservators. (Scroll down to see partial list.)

Scully & Osterman Skylight Studio

Tutorials are personalized to meet the needs of the artist-photographer with formats ranging from 1/9 plates to 11 x 14 inches (and other mammoth sizes) in the studio, traveling darkroom and/or on location.

Lessons include ambrotypes, negatives for developing-out paper (silver gelatin or "modern" paper), orotones and ambrotypes in the enlarger, or making salt, albumen, photogenic drawing, chromatype, cyanotype printing papers, and more. Have a process request? Please ask.

Advanced tutorials are also personalized but may include: making negatives for printing-out paper (salt, albumen, photogenic drawing, chromatype, cyanotype...), making collodion interpositives, and use of special formats.

Included by request for any class are mixing chemicals, troubleshooting, honing skills, plus how to buy cameras and lenses.

The cost of a private class is $650 per day plus chemicals (at cost).

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ambrotype made by Aris Sandoval

albumen print and collodion negative ©Scully & Osterman

salt print & collodion negative by Steve Wilson

ambrotype made by Ken Clark

salt print & collodion negative by Melitte Buchman


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Here is a partial list
of artists. photographers, conservators and curators who have taken classes with Scully & Osterman:

Margaret Adams
Jody Ake

Stephen Berkman
Jayne Hinds Bidaut
Gary Briechle
Linda Briscoe Meyers
John Brunelli
David Buckland
Dana Buckley
Melitte Buchman
Julia Cart
Ken Clark
Ron Cowie
Melanie Craven
Andrew Dalsass

John Delaney
Carlos Diaz
Jillen Doroan
Ian Doyle
Will Dunniway
Jill Enfield
Jesseca Ferguson
Len Fohn
Luther Gerloch
Rob Gibson
Thomas Gibson
Joy Goldkind
Karen Grainger
Clay Harmon
Jeff Hurwitz
John Isaac
Kenji Ishii
Quinn Jacobson
Devon John
John Joyce
Judith Harrison Kalter
Mark Katzman
Everett Kennedy Brown
Susan King
Kerik Kouklis
Kim Kulp
Kati Leinonen
Deborah Luster
Sally Mann
Robert Maxwell
Pau Maynes
Michael Mazzeo
Monty McCutchen
Scott McMahon
Raymond Meeks
Ken Merfeld
Bridget Milligan
Marc Montplaisir
Ray Morganweck
Stephen Moriarity
Aaron Murphy
Denis Oberkampf
Lori Oden
Shunsaku Otsuka
Tom Persinger
David Prifti
Robert Puckett
Dave Puntel
Catherine Robson
Adam Ottavi Schiesl
Malin Sjoberg
Ann Smithwick
David Strasburger
Shin Sugino
Ellen Susan
Paul Taylor
Carole Trufleau
Toshi Ueshina
Nitin Vadukul
Dieter von Merhart
Terri Warpinski
Hayward Wilkerson
Brent Williamson
Steve Wilson
Bill Westheimer

and many more...

if we forgot to include your name, please let us know so we can include you, too!

Some of the other processes we work with:

- heliographs - physautotypes - daguerreotypes - calotypes - bayard direct positives - albumen-on-glass negatives & lantern slides - ambrotypes & tintypes - wet-plate collodion negatives, dry-plate collodion negatives, preserved collodion negatives - gelatin glass negatives - photogenic drawings - salted paper prints - albumen prints - platinum and palladium prints - carbon - gum bichromate - collodion printing-out paper - gelatin chloride printing-out paper- gelatin developing-out paper- "whey" developing-out prints - solar enlargements...

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