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Abraham Lincoln Book Shop specializing in Lincoln collectables in Chicago, IL
The American Experience:
The Wizard of Photography
biography of George Eastman;
with Mark Osterman demonstrating collodion process

The bimonthly journal of media arts and cultural criticism, Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY
AIPAD Association of International Photography Dealers

Alternative or Historic Photographic Process sites

 - galleries, articles, workshop listings, technical information and more...

Austin Alternative Process Group

The Daguerreian Society

"Unblinking Eye"

Frederick Scott Archer

Sean MacKenna's website dedicated to the inventor of the collodion process [in the U.K.]
Artcraft Chemicals, Inc. full range of photographic chemicals
Alan Bekhuis Cases

traditional 19th c. methods to create authentic enclosures for hard images (ambrotypes and daguerreotypes) in standard sizes.
The Julia Margaret Cameron Trust Cameron's House and Museum
Cooke Optics photographic lenses

George Eastman House

International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, New York

George School

Private boarding school where Mark taught for 20 years, located in Newtown, PA; run by the Society of Friends (Quakers)

read comments about Mark as a photography teacher

The Egg

PBS show on the arts;
features Sally Mann, her work and the collodion process
Howard Greenberg Gallery fine art photography gallery, 41 East 57th St, NYC
Photo Review photography magazine with critical reviews
Lea's Manual of Photography 19th c. manual; text available on-line
Maison Niepce

Home of the inventor of photography [Nicephore Niepce] in Burgundy, France; offer workshops in historic processes.

Papillon Press

Custom ambrotype and print cases located in Andover, New Jersey.
Photographer's Formulary chemical sales and workshops in Montana
Segura Publishing photography publisher and gallery in Mesa, Arizona
White Room Gallery photography gallery in West Hollywood, CA

p e o p l e:

Ryan Boatright artist/photographer and research scientist at Image Permanence Institute

Waldemaro Concha

wet-plate photographer in Yucatan, Mexico. website is in Spanish, and includes descriptions of collodion process.
Ron Cowie
Portraits/ fine art photography / specialty in platinum
Will Dunniway

wet-plate collodion photographer, specializing in living history events and lansdcapes
Wayne Pierce

wet-plate collodion photography, civil war and living history events, located in California.
  makes camera equipment and conversions
Bob Szabo

wet-plate collodion photography, including civil war reenactments. Bob also runs the collodion forum.
Bill Westheimer

fine art / commercial photographer (including collodion) in West Orange, NJ
Dr. Wilson's Memory Elixir

medicine show revival; features web page of history of
Dr. Bumstead's Celebrated Lenape Liquid
(a.k.a. Mark Osterman)



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